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International Schools

Achieving success for your children is important when moving to Shanghai. Choosing the right international school which can support your children is crucial.


    Kindergartens are ubiqitous in Shanghai with a huge array of choices for families but with wildly different styles of teaching and quality. Priavte schools can accept Chinese nationals, but the international schools can only accept foreign passport holders.

    International Schools

    With over 30 International schools to choose from in Shanghai, it can be tough to choose between the best. Whilst the Shanghai American School is seen as a good choice for parents looking at an American Curriculum, The British International School Shanghai and Nord Anglia International School Shanghai is top for British education. With one school in Pudong and one school in Puxi, the schools offer the opportunity for children to achieve academic excellence from the age of 18 months to 18 years.

    Local Schools with an International Division

    The top local schools in Shanghai often have international divisions which are seen as a more affordable option than full out international schools. Academically rigorous, the teaching style is markedly different from a western style education with creativity playing a smaller role.


    For those children for whom their first language is not English, checking the schools EAL programme is important.

    Foreign Language Programs

    Check to see the schools provision for learning modern foreign languages. French provision is strong throughout the city, but schools such as The British International School Shanghai and Nord Anglia International School Shanghai have dedicated Dutch and German schools.


    Crucial to settling into life  is learning Mandarin in Shanghai. Some international schools struggle at having a effective Mandarin programme so check with the school before enrolement.