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One of the biggest concerns of parents when they learn that they will be relocating overseas is how their children will adjust and be educated.

    “Will they be happy? Will they be safe? Will they be able to reintegrate when they return home?” These are all questions that parents ask themselves before departure. 

    What they learn upon arrival in Shanghai is that the city has a wide array of educational choices available including world class schools like the British International School, Shanghai. Parents are quickly comforted with the knowledge that their children will be safe, happy and well educated. 

    Primary and Secondary Schooling

    Shanghai’s primary and secondary school community boasts programmes with increasingly elaborate facilities and varied academic offerings. For expat families that want an education using a standard international curriculum, Shanghai offers a diverse range of international schools offering International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. In recent years, these IB programmes have gained popularity with secondary schools thanks to their global appeal and recognition from top universities worldwide.

    Some of the international schools have a waiting list, but space is growing. However, admissions recommend applying by early March, as most schools begin finalising their rosters at that time. Contact admissions directly to find out if there is space in the specific years of your children. Most schools do not require an entrance exam, though an assessment may be required for students with less advanced English skills. Otherwise, parents and students simply fill out an application form and provide previous school records, medical records, standardised test scores and sometimes a letter of recommendation.