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Pudong’s business and financial centre and the district’s most developed area, Lujiazui covers the eastern bank of the Huangpu River. Lujiazui’s showpiece futuristic skyline is made of high-end business centres and five-star hotels. Living in Lujiazui is popular for young families looking to top quality housing.

    A few years ago the landscape of Lujiazui was barren of housing, but that’s changing. The area is welcoming more up-scale apartment complexes that attract young Chinese and expat professionals. New shops, restaurants and bars are popping up to accommodate the new wave of people moving into Lujiazui. In many ways, Lujiazui is an ideal neighbourhood for people working in Pudong or downtown Puxi who don’t mind living in a forest of shiny high-rises.



    Lujiazui housing is dominated by new high-end apartments in large property developments popular with singles and couples. They usually include 24-hour security, pools, gyms and parking. Rents start at 10,000RMB. Family-sized apartments are usually privately owned and rent ranges from 20-80,000RMB. While there are very few villas worth mentioning in the Lujiazui area, the major apartment complexes such as Shimao Riviera, Yanlord Garden and Champs Elysees offer large two-storey apartments which some families find ideal. 


    Health Care

    The Shanghai East International Medical Center on Pudong Da Dao offers out-patient and in-patient medical care for expats. A modern dental clinic, Care Dental, is on the seventh floor of Super Brand Mall. Alternatively, residents of Lujiazui can travel to any of the clinics in neighbouring Jinqiao for treatment. 


    Good to Know

    Lujiazui is popular with young professionals and singles. It’s an exciting place to live, with dozens of futuristic skyscrapers and world-class hotels offering spectacular views while you sip an expensive martini. There are a growing number of excellent restaurants and bars, especially along the ‘other Bund’ facing the real Bund on the river, and it’s easy to get across the river to People’s Square on Metro line 2. Driving is relatively stress-free, unless you’re trying to get across to Puxi during peak hours.

    Unlike neighbouring Kangqiao and Jinqiao, Lujiazui was not designed for expat families. There’s not much open green space, and housing consists primarily of towers. However, it’s much more lively than the other expat areas and, with the Metro, it’s easy enough to get over to Puxi.