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Jinqiao has rapidly developed to become a popular place to live for families and expats. Its large compounds are similar to that of Kangqiao and the area has a very American feel.

    Located to the eastern side of Pudong, Jinqiao has all the conveniences that an expat family would need.


    Housing here is similar to that of family friendly Huacao, with large modern villas which have been built within the last 15 years. Prices for villas such as the popular Vizcaya and Tomson Golf range in the 40,000RMB per month to 60,000RMB per month.


    There are Healthcare facilities directly in Jinqiao.

    Good to Know

    There is a well-established expat community with all the conveniences that come along with this. Villas are large and spacious and links to the business centre of Lujiazui and Puxi are good. There are also good Western food and dining options. Traffic can be a problem here as there are major infrastructure projects which are ongoing.