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There is a common misconception among expats before they land in Shanghai, that food shopping is going to be a huge and difficult chore. Where will I find gluten free flour? What if I get tired of Chinese food and feel like a Japanese curry? I can’t live without truffle oil!

    In reality, Shanghai’s online food offerings have surged ahead in recent years, with several excellent online “supermarkets” stocking and delivering favourite foods from around the world.

    (source of reviews - www.smartshanghai.com)

    Local supermarkets

    These local supermarkets are too numerous to list, but you can see them on almost every street throughout Shanghai. These are the larger supermarkets where you will be able to pick up everything needed to cook. 




    RT Mart

    Western supermarkets


    The French supermarket has many locations throughout the city. Normally superstores over two floors which stock everything. Majority of Chinese goods, but has imported selection and meat and fish counters like home.


    The British supermarket has a number of stores around town, from its bitesize Tesco express to the larger superstores. Much like Carrefour, with some imported food.


    3 stores serve Shanghai, with similar products to the above.

    Marks & Spencers

    All Marks & Spencers around town have a small food section. Fresh baked breads sit alongside imported frozen meals, jams and treats from the UK.


    Bulk Buy supermarket includes a lot of imported food at low prices.


    Western supermarket with a strong selection.


    Largest Western supermarkets in Shanghai, in both Pudong and Puxi. Huge selection.


    Smaller Western supermarket but well stocked. Fei Dan means Flying Egg!

    Online Shopping


    China's biggest online food shop for imported goods and organic fruit and vegetables.


    Epermarket has a reputation for great quality food, especially their cheese and wine. Popular with expats.

    Kate & Kimi

    A Community based food website for Shanghai's foreign residents. An emphasis on organic.

    Food Markets

    Avacado lady

    274 Wulumuqi Lu

    'The Avocado Lady is not an urban myth, but to many expats is one of Shanghai's urban legends. Her store is ever gaining in size and produce, what she doesn't have she can order. Her store is regularly stocked with fresh mint, herbs, tropical fruits, cheese, olive oil, lamb, cheese, wine and avocados.' She even has her own Facebook page! Many of the international restaurants in Shanghai will buy their western groceries from here.

    Jiashan Market

    #37, Lane 550, Shanxi South Road

    This bi-monthly market sells products from local producers, from home-made cheese made in Shanghai to baked treats from The British Kitchen. First and third saturdays of the month (not during winter).