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Shanghai is home to a rich array of music venues from underground clubs to huge stadium venues. It also hosts superb music festivals, enough to satisfy everyones musical tastes.

    Shanghai has had a strong music scene since the 1920's, and you can soak up the atmosphere at one of the many festivals or venues, or by listening to some classic Shanghainese music.


    JZ Festival

    The JZ is Shanghai's best club for Jazz and this is their annual festival to celebrate all things jazz.

    Strawberry Music Festival

    Indie music is the order of the day at this popular music festival, attracting a young, hip crowd. Lots of local bands, with a smattering of international indie acts cements this as one of the best festivals in Shanghai to attend.

    STORM Electronic Music Festival

    Headlined by huge international DJ's, this festival is for serious electronic music lovers and often lasts for a couple of days.


    Mercedes Benz Arena

    Shanghai's premier live music venue, reserved for the likes of Elton John and the Rolling Stones.

    Mao Livehouse

    Chongqing Nan Lu

    A large venue for indie and rock musicians to play. Popular international bands play here every month and they have a strong roster of local talent.


    Kaixuan Lu

    Very much an underground music club vibe, this venue hosts popular and less well known musicians to a small but enthusiastic audience.

    Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall

    Fuxing Middle Road

    Newly opened, the SSO Concert Hall hosts weekly concerts with a wide range of national and international classical musicians.